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Traupis partisans [EN]

The Soviet Union's occupation of Lithuania stunned the nation. She felt humiliated and issued. Lost about 50 thousand. citizens of the ring - civil servants, party and union leaders, teachers - intimidated, however, she decided to protect their natural rights. Madona district Traupis partisan fight sequences, of course, small compared with global events, but the district, who have lost over 30 people, and through all the years of 1945 - close to a hundred, it is very painful.


Local partisans Traupis 1945 - 1946 in

        The greater part of the current Traupio ward after the war depended Raguva parish, which was part of the Panevezys district near the town of Traupis Juodgirio Troškūnai and forests. A number of young people around the villages after the war hiding in these woods. NKVD agentūrinėse - operatyvinėse 1944 - 1945 in in some cases even guerrilla forces were operating between Traupis Kavarskas and towns in the Lithuanian army lieutenants Žižiūnas, Rum Kačinskas, Václav Juospaitis and guerrilla platoon commander Peter Brigatskas-rest. Of the last two cases are the partisans of the right information (the name is repeated in other documents), of course, that Václav Juospaitis died in 1946 January 6, Peter Brigatskas - Attila died in 1945 14 September Kavarskas rural district to the calves. The other two names mentioned in the partisan operatyvinje only one case, and more knowledge about them is not clear whether the time had truly said guerrilla leaders.

         Since 1945 Traupis - your preferences in rural districts formed Juozukėno Anthony Leo-partisan group of 15 -20. 1946 This team has joined the team Sarunas Butageidžio company. Levaniškio - Sapiens villages around 1944 - 1945 in and brothers founded by Juozas Albino Sauliūnų squad. Between Traupis and Anthony were Troškūnai Pasmokio squad, it usually took Troškūnai forests. 1945 2 February Juodgirio forest surrounded by NKVD troops, while as many as 18 guerrillas were killed, most of Traupis neighborhoods. Since 1946 Traupis districts joined the partisans Vytis District Briedis team.

Juodgirio battle

        Traupis Vytis districts and counties Algimantas partisans gathered in teams, led by A.Slučka-Sarunas, A.Žilys-lightning-A.Jagėla Oak et al. These teams bazavosi and moved Juodgirio, Repšėnų, Troškūnai, glens and forests to the forests around the villages and farmsteads. Juodgiris - a narrow stretch of forest around the vidurkelyje Ukmergė and Panevezys, Panevezys at the border, Madona and Ukmergė districts. At the time you get up to hundreds of people found shelter units Klaibūnų, Mickūniškių, Vičiūnai, Palepeikio villages and farmsteads in the hiding places. Another part of the quota count were guerrilla bases in the forests more stable. More ...


Victims of Soviet occupiers Traupio

        The beginning of World War II, already in 1941 began to flow in summer traupiečių innocent blood from white-have been killed store manager Paul Misiukonis seller Liutkevicius Vlad, his father died in 1945 Eimantas Petuchauskas died, in 1940 former Secretary of Vinco Paleckis. War, the apron was removed two Traupio lived Maus Gieršono Jūžintai Asa and family. All Jews were shot. Klaibūnuose drunk girl shot by a German Dailidėnaitę ...

        However, rattling along the front of the west, hardly anyone felt that the post-war period have much greater horrors, blood and tears, than during the war. The long wait for the lost. Hiding from the Russian army in the woods drew draft-age lad, shooters, intellectuals - all those facing the fate of Stalin's mincer. Land did not have time to absorb the blood of the victims of war, which began in fratricidal war - the fight of resistance began to bring young men and even children and old people's lives.

        Having tasted "the sun of Stalin, the Lithuanian men joined the unequal struggle against the occupiers. 1945 spring of Panevezys and the neighboring counties were organized in the so-called Third Lithuanian Freedom Army Region, which connected the green forest operating during the partisans. Troškūnai, Svėdasų and Madona districts Algimantas guerrillas set up a district. Ukmerges county has Vytis District, but the guerrillas moved, county boundaries changed. Traupis parish men fought in the various squads. Vytis was the lighting. Anthony Žilys - Lightning Team Baltusnikas John, died 31.7.1949 Silu forest (slapyv.Vienuolis). Was mainly traupiečių Ąžuoliukas squad, which was Traupis and Repšėnų districts, and Tautvydas Team existence Traupis BALALA and the surrounding area.

        Here's something about the circumstances of death squad Tautvydas says a former KGB agent Mr Tichonov art. "What is more precious than life (win Vaitonis) 1988 05 17 at that time rajoniniame "collective work" newspaper (resistants here called nationalists and bandits):
"... After Anna February 16th clash with the defenders of the people of the team ranks painfully fell - Alphonse did not return to the bunker Augulis (alias "April", aged 24, in the national gangs have spent 3 years), Peter Kartan (29 years), John Krikštaponis (32 years old, gang was 2 years ago) ... he, nationalist platoon commander, then the fate of the festival ...
According to pre-planned tactical idea of ​​bandits arrested alive. I approached from the southwest side of the bunker, but the night was difficult to see where the nest is located in a hidden hole. For one moment, threw the flashlight, but suddenly burst out from under the earth with fire aidžiu sound of the gun pits ... Lindintiems offered to give up. Out of the ground once again heard the shots and bursts of invective. Throw a grenade towards the bunker, but did not effect the expected explosion ... Our skirmish with the nationalists, which lasted two hours, until finally, through the bullet riddled tank hatch succeeded in throwing the smoke inside the rocket. Thick balls of the jungle began to turn into a savory smoke. After some time alone in the bunker had repercussions five shots. The tank was brought in thugs liaison Kazys Kizys: ruošeisi with the forest to link their fate - Get your ass inside now, with its "forest brothers" look, or dead ... from fear eyed, the insiders nepasitiktų run shot Kizys slipped into the sewer. Soon we heard his voice: all dead, shot himself. Tank was removed from corpses: a gang leader Ipolitas Mulevičius (alias "Spring," 25 years of the gang's three years old), Kazys Mickiewicz (alias "Kaziukas" gang was 2 years ago), George Dailydėno (22 years old), Anthony Mačiulis (23 m.amžiaus) and liaison Dailydėnaitės thugs ... "

        Then came the year 1949. A year ago, the occupants of the people loyal to the government, and Russian. Former soldiers and militiamen worked in towns folk activists, humans Skrebė-called teams. That team also had Traupio. Many of the team helped 15 people with existing head battles in the woods retired neighbors. Died Marijonas Kazlauskas, A. Pučinskas, Stepas Bubinas and others. Commander of the Russian Boškov. Zilinskas lieutenant killed in the battle with the partisans Alūkėnų. You do not know whose hand, maybe the provocateurs, killing innocent people search for: 1952 died Laukagalio collective farm chairman Šileika family in 1945 Juospaičių, 1946 Šniukštų, 1947 District Chairman Jaruševičius family, M. Tonkevičius, teacher Anne Blaškevičiūtė et al. But there is still more of the Resistance who died just farmers, you just than this, than the troops of the NKVD shot in 1945 the early summer of raging Levaniškio district. Then were killed in Coast Adomonis, John Dzidaravičius, John Risk, J. Minc, John Vareikis, Stasys Janulis, Kostas Dailidėnas, B. Savickas, Michael Jany, Kazys Stankevich, Andrew Atraškevičius, B. Semėnas - all of Levaniškio sapiens or villages, completely innocent farmers three of the Sixteen children.

        From the military and Skrebė killed in more than 40 people in the parish Traupis: Coast resplendent, John Aleksiūnas, Alphonse sink, Julius Woodsy, Vlad Zemaitis, Adolf and George Maciulis, and Vilius Napalai Samogitians and many others.

        Little could enjoy life and living traupiečiai. We do not know when Skrebė could come and say: "Kraukitės things, lets go." There was enough grass evil tongue, the troika you were accused of "treason" or populiariuoju "SVIAZ banditami's" (links with the partisans). Alone in rural Mickūniškių was exiled to Siberia for up to 9 families: Charles Vingilis and sister Veronica, Marijonas Ribokas, pussycat family, of which 3 of 4 people died in Siberia, Laurinavichius, linseed, Indriūnas family, many of whom perished in Siberia. šgarbinta in Siberia were about 200 parishes Traupis people: children, men, women, old people. Many of the myth of Siberia, can operate with hunger, cold and very hard work in the forests and mines. Were repressed by Augulis Nevėžninkų, Banilevičiai of Mickūniškių, punishable Skauradų, Blauzdžiai of Repšėnų Grabi, Kontautas, Pučinskai of Traupis, Laurinčikai of Užuraisčių, Blauzdžiai of Alūkėnų, and Šniukštos Pastuškovai of Gireles, Strioga of Pusbačkių, Maciulis of Laukagalio, Lukšas, Orvidas and Skaržauskai of Žiurlių and many, many other innocent victims, one who should be listed almost 10 sheets of paper.

        We do not know why there were so many dead and repressed? Maybe rich forests guilty? Maybe all good land and the diligence of people, more litas should, for what was išbuožinti, murdered, desecrated and scattered colorful aminobutyric darbščiausi, doriausi Traupis people of the parish.
Memory of those killed must be respected, to learn from the history of bloody lessons.


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