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Traupis St. Anne's Church [EN]

Traupis parish was established in 1515. The foundation took care of her local landlords brothers George and Peter Michalavičiai, in the same year were blessed and the first wooden church saint.Mikalojaus. After 270 years, 1785 m Traupis other owner Ignacio Pranckevicius built a new church, as well as wood.

            1892, themselves Traupis parishioners, led by pastor kun.Juozapo Butvido, built the present brick church in baroque style with one 30-meter-high tower from a distance showing the roads to Traupio. He was consecrated bishop of St. Gaspar Cirtautas. Ann's honor. Pediment inscription reads: "Good Come in, come out better." Draw on the wide eaves of Mary Žagarietes, Maironis, and Stasys Shalkauskis

 A few more holy life distinguished Lithuanian images.

            Traupis church is a cultural monument of Lithuania, have valuable paintings, statues.

The crosses in the churchyard in a number of the church and parish witnesses: the cross next to the large staircase on the left was built in 1928, Lithuania's independence decade, right - 1977

Traupis former parish priest. Marijonas Savickas primicijoms. In another corner of the churchyard - 1991. Fr. Stephen Galvydzio priesthood 50 - anniversary of the parish was built by local craftsmen working L.Šakalio cross. The newest symbol - the sculptor Alfred Pajuodis, who also spent many childhood days in his mother's hometown, Traupis parish work, "Holy. Ona to St.Mary '. Sculpture will remind the church 100 years anniversary celebration of the parish and St. Anne's guardian.

            Trinavėje ornate church is rich in religious art treasures. A few pictures of the church is a very high artistic value, as monuments of art, protected by the state. This Mendzegurskio Raphael portrait, painted in the nineteenth century the beginning of the picture "saint.Barbora, painted 1894 meters of folk artist Podolski, the painting" St. Francis ", a local folk artist painted in 1894 The so-called Giedelinės painting has magical powers. Giedelis once noble, once the enemy prisoners, piety, and was liberated. Thank nobleman 1693 m.built Traupio chapel, the altar was decorated Giedelinės paint. Prie right altar are statues of two unique, original, ornate pulpit, local folk artist original wooden Pensive and other valuables.

           Wenceslas Bernotskio Warsaw produce 10 votes organ installed in 1912 Organist Peter Slizys created choir participated in the 1924, 1928 and 1930 song festivals. Actionable on behalf of the self-proclaimed famous Maironis spring company.

            Over the past century, the church pastor kun.Juozapas Butvidas, Fr. Vladislav Mickūnavičius, priest.Stanislovas Šliageris who built most of Traupis rectory, Fr. Domininkas Tusk, the apostle of temperance, folklore collector. After they worked here, Father. George Šimonėlis, kun.Juozapas blue, Fr. Ignacio Siauciunas. Even the 35-five years villagers spiritual care of the affairs of Father Stephen Galvydis (1916-1999). Second-year German occupation kun.St.Galvydis hid Jews during the Soviet boldly katekizavo kids, for it was the government punished. Lithuania after the re-established a parish bookshop, a chapel Baleliuose, child support Saint Martyn farm. The priest wrote poetry, homily, fables, biographies, it was called the Diocese of Panevezys chronicler. Published six books of poetry and memoirs.
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